Monday, May 12, 2008

Marriage, Divorce and NFP: Quick Facts

NFP (Natural Family Planning) is understanding our fertility and using natural means to plan a family. Those who understand NFP are not "surprised" when they have a baby because it is planned and expected. There are no "accidents" and therefore each baby is seen as a wonderful gift. I strongly believe that contraception and abortion are closely linked. Contraception is a deception of the body, and a rejection of self control. Contraception is a reaction based on a false understanding of love and sex. When couples use contraception they take God out of the equation. It's no wonder why (on average) those married couples who use NFP correctly live a much more loving and long lasting life together. Don't believe me? Look at just a few facts about divorce.

- The #1 reason for divorce in the United States is financial reasons. Ok, where am I going with this...

- The divorce rate in the United States is a staggering 50%!

- The divorce rate for couples practicing NFP... just 3%!

Is this simply a coincidence? I think not! Those who practice NFP tend to have greater communication with their spouse, a greater understanding for their spouse as well as a greater understanding of love and sexual union. There is a misconception that NFP doesn't work, but when understood it works 99% of the time. The reason families who practice NFP tend to have larger families is because they choose to have larger families. One of the main reason's why couples postpone pregnancy is because of financial worries. I find it ironic that this is the number one reason for divorce, yet those who practice NFP and form families naturally without a contraception barrier have such a low divorce rate. Think about it! I will post much more about marriage, NFP, love and related topics. Remember that God (the Holy Spirit) is love, and always, always remember that life is a precious gift from God and never a burden. God bless!

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