Monday, April 21, 2008


One of the issues I feel strongly about and believe that has damaged our culture greatly is that of addiction. Millions of people are addicted to harmful substances and it drags down our culture. I guess you could say that all of us are addicted to one thing or another. Some things are more harmful than others, but any addiction that takes us away from God is not good. It may sound corny, but the only addiction that is a good addiction is being addicted to God.

The problem with addictions is that they are easy to fall into and tough to break out. Sometimes addictions may start with an innocent action, but most of the time addictions are the result of a calculated decision. Many who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are trying to escape from reality. Their addiction provides them temporary relief from the realities of life, but drugs and alcohol are just temporary escapes. If only these people turned to prayer instead of drugs and alcohol they would see the great healing effect that prayer has in people’s lives. Prayer brings us closer to God and it will provide peace of mind without negative effects. Prayer is not an escape from reality. If anything, prayer is accepting reality and placing trust in God that he will help us overcome our obstacles. Prayer helps us understand truth.

Unfortunately, many are addicted and continue to lapse back to their bad habits. I heard a good analogy about drug addicts that I’d like to share. The brain of a drug addict is like a lemon. Each time they do drugs, it’s like squeezing the lemon. When you squeeze a lemon, the juice flows out. The juice might taste good but after repeatedly squeezing the lemon, eventually there is no juice left. Drug addicts therefore are left with a brain that is completely drained, a brain that is often depressed, and a brain that lacks all sense of reality. I ask that tonight we all say a special prayer for those who are addicted to harmful substances. If we have addictions in our own lives, let us pray that God will give us guidance and help us to defeat the addiction that keeps us from Him. God bless!


JP II the Great said...

Drugs and alcohol are prevalent addictions, but there are many other less debilitating addictions that people often don't even acknowledge. What about the addiction to TV, movies, and entertainment. I think these can be just as big of an impediment for someone to grow closer to God. Everyone needs to enjoy the pleasures in their life in moderation. I think that people can fall into the trap of being entertained to death. By this, I mean that they indulge in the temporal pleasures at every opportunity that presents itself. Quite time in prayer and reading is essential for everyone's spiritual wellbeing.

Mike said...

Well said! These addictions may not have quite as severe consequences, but they can also be harmful if it causes us to completely neglect God.