Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mississippi’s Vote on Amendment 26 Could Be Historic

On Tuesday, November 8, voters in the state of Mississippi will have the opportunity to vote on Amendment 26.  So what is the Amendment 26 and what is the significance of this vote?

Amendment 26: What it Says

Amendment 26: What it Means

That all human persons, no matter what stage in their development or the circumstances of their conception, will be protected and respected equally.  For those concerned about the mention of cloning, please understand that this does not mean that cloning is endorsed or encouraged.  In fact, Amendment 26 would in  effect ban human cloning.  For an explanation of why the word cloning was included in the Amendment, read HERE.

Amendment 26: Why This Would be Historic

Mississippi would be the first state to adopt a Personhood Amendment.  Amendment 26 would effectively end the practice of abortion in Mississippi.  It may help to eventually lead to the overturning of Roe vs. Wade.  Mississippi was one of the last states to abolish slavery and give black skinned people the equal rights that they deserve.  Ironically, just a few decades after the civil rights movement, Mississippi is now widely considered one of the most pro-life states, and if Amendment 26 is passed, Mississippi would be leading the way to addressing the greatest civil rights issue of our current day; abortion.

Amendment 26: Answering the Critics

Of course when there is something as important as defining the term "person" and taking action to protect the most vulnerable children in the womb, there will be fierce criticism from opponents.  They know that this Amendment could have far reaching consequences.  Those who support abortion don't want to think about when life begins or at what moment a human life deserves rights.  The common tactic to dissuade voters on Amendment 26 is to use scare tactics.  They use the same scare tactics to try to dissuade pro life people to pray at abortion clinics.  I have bad news for the abortion supporters; pro-lifers are here to stay and we are procreating; we actually celebrate and welcome life.  Below are some of the arguments against Amendment 26 and the rebuttals to those baseless arguments.

For more information on this most important vote in Mississippi on Amendment 26, please visit this website: VOTE YES TO 26

If you or someone you know lives in the state of Mississippi, please educate them on this issue and urge them to vote YES on Amendment 26 on Tuesday.  Forward them a link to my blog.  Share this post on your Facebook or Twitter.  Please help me get the word out.  We can end abortion in this country.  Amendment 26 is a great start to accomplishing that goal.  Thank you for educating yourself on this most important issue. I will leave you with a video of an OBGYN in Mississippi who supports Amendment 26.

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