Monday, February 8, 2010

And This Commerical is Controversial How?

Women's Media Center, National Organization for Women (NOW), and other organizations that made such a fuss about the Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad before even seeing it have got to be embarrassed a day later after viewing the commerical. Focus on the Family is a great organization that I've supported ever since I found them and I think they did a very smart thing by airing this ad. It did many things. First of all, it exposed some of these so called "women's choice groups" for what they really are; pro-abortion groups that really aren't pro-choice. These groups actually helped the pro-life cause by calling even more attention to the ad than probably would have been the case if they said nothing at all. Thirdly, the add will undoubtedly increase the popularity of their site, and although they didn't go into details about Tim Tebow's remarkable birth story in the commerical they do have the story in more detail on their site. I almost missed this commericial when it aired because it comes and goes by so fast. In case you missed it last night, below is the much talked about Tim Tebow ad.

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