Saturday, June 20, 2009


There is a young woman at my work who was pregnant and due October 1st. She had her baby earlier this week (over 3 months early). Her baby survived birth but did not make it past day 1. This news hit me really hard especially since I just had my first child two short months ago. At work we generally have a baby shower, but since the baby came so early we had not given her a baby shower. I think this event is an opportunity for me to evangelize. I've already had some conversations with some of my coworkers and the words they use to describe the situation is interesting. I hear people ask if they are going to have a funeral and whether or not they need to pick out a name. In my response I made sure to express my deep sorrow and pain I feel for the mother and the entire family. Although this baby was less than 2 lbs at birth, this was a baby and she deserves a funeral. Most babies stay inside their mother because they are not ready to survive outside the womb, but everyone can accept that this was indeed a baby. Was she a baby simply because she was born outside the womb? This is where abortion advocates are so hypocritical. They can only believe what they see.

The mother will certainly have a time of grieving. How am I to approach this young woman when she comes back to work? What can I say to her? How can I express my feelings about her situation? Is there something I can help organize that would show my support for her? We did not have a baby shower, but is there something else those of us at work can do to show our support? I have lots of questions but little in the form of answers. I am deeply saddened and I feel an obligation to do something to support this young woman and her family, but I don't know what. Can you help me decide? Please email me or express your comments and suggestions. Life is precious. I make sure to hug my baby Julie extra tight this past week. Please pray for this young woman and her family. Thanks and God bless!


Jen said...

I had a friend who went through something very similar except she lost the baby the week it was due. The best thing you could probably do is just tell her you're sorry about her loss and not much more right now because you don't want to smother her. I made a mistake of actually saying too much to my friend and it felt really awkward. I think a simple card of sympathy signed by friends would probably suffice for now. It's just a very sensitive time for her.

Mike said...

Thanks Jen. That is good advice.