Monday, June 23, 2008

Harden Not Your Hearts

I wanted to write a long post about someone I know who has been put in a difficult position because of someone who has a hardened heart. I would like to go into depth and tell this story, but I'm not sure I'm in a position where I can speak openly about the situation. For this reason, I'll withhold his name and the names of other people close to the situation. All I can say is that I have seen a good man endure much suffering caused by a person who lacks compassion. This man has done nothing to deserve the kind of treatment he is receiving, and yet there is little to nothing he can do. He is subject to false accusations and gross misrepresentation of facts that shed him in a negative light. Those who know him well know that the accusations brought against him are bogus, but those who are close to him have no power or say in the matter. The reason for the accusations are very curious. The way in which the accusations were brought about was very deceitful. It reminds me of the Passion of Christ, when Jesus was handed over in the middle of the night. The situation is complicated but at it's very core it is very simple. Everything is very clear to me, but unfortunately I don't feel that I can explain it at this time. I don't know what the future holds. I can only hope that those with hardened hearts will experience compassion. I hope that they will examine their conscious and be honest with themselves and with others. Those who lead through fear and oppression will not be good leaders. Those who lead by inspiring people in a respectful, trustworthy, and honest way will always have a stronger backing. As a mere bystander who has no power in the situation, I hope that the truth triumphs. I hope that this man and all people are treated with the dignity, honesty, and respect that they deserve. Tomorrow is a new day, a very important day for at least one man I know, and I just hope and pray that all goes well. I've done everything I can think of doing to support him and now all I can do now is pray for him. I ask that you say a quick prayer for this unnamed man. You may not know him, but I do and he is a good and honest man. He certainly isn't the only man in this situation so I will also pray for all those who are in a difficult situation because of the hardened hearts of others. We can present opportunities for these people to make the right choice, but we can not force people to make the right choice. Free will can be a blessing or a curse. Let's pray that more will use this gift as a blessing. God bless!

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